"Bridging the Gap between Youth & Elders / between Mainstream & Underground"


Welcome to the official website of the RHHIB Movement (RealHipHopIsBack), and home of hip-hop artist BIGREC. #RHHIB in a nutshell is a unified movement with the mission of bridging the gap between youth & elders, and musically bridging the gap in hip-hop between the mainstream & underground. What the elder statesmen of hip-hop toiled & fought for to gain societal acceptance of the culture, makes up the foundation & history that today's youth need in order to move hip-hop culture forward properly. And yet today's youth ARE the future of the world and their perspectives, tastes & opinions matter greatly and need to be respected. I truly believe that any culture will grow and thrive when there is a healthy respect & understanding between its youth and its elders. In essence, the youth need the elders & the elders need the youth.

This movement is essentially built upon the following 5 Pillars:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Philanthropy
  3. Education
  4. Mentoring
  5. Spiritual Enlightenment

This involves--but is not limited to--artists & musicians, as well as facilitators of the aforementioned areas. The vitality, passion and societal relevance of the youth, coupled with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the elders, will make for longevity of this hip-hop culture we all love so dearly.

I personally stand to make a difference in this world, and I've chosen to start with the culture I grew up with, became an active participant in, and realized I'm called to. Hip-Hop is lacking balance, and we seek to be the balance. Introducing RHHIB: REAL HIP-HOP IS BACK. It's More Than Music, it's a Movement.

Ceita Bobb-Semple
Founder, RHHIB Enterprises, LLC


RHHIB Enterprises, LLC
Yoli Fraser, Administrative Director

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